Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

5540 McAdam Road Mississauga, ON L4Z 1P1

​At Syvan Developments L​imited, we purchase underused commercial or industrial buildings, re-think them in an innovative way, lease them and then hold long term. 

In this manner, we are often able to take a building that is vacant or under-utilized and revitalize it such that new employment for the area is created and the neighbourhood is improved.

Residential Development Experience

Syvan has developed residential land for new subdivisions in a number of locations in Clarington. Current residential endeavours are in Newcastle Village and are through an associated company, Edvan Properties Inc.

Management-Landlord Experience

With the exception of larger projects outside the province of Ontario, Syvan has always managed all of its own properties. With over 30 years of management experience our tenants find us to be professional, reasonable and quick to address problems and concerns. 


"I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the tremendous cooperation, flexibility and cost control we have experienced in working with you over many years. Syvan Developments Limited has truly been an exceptional Landlord."

R.W. Oshawa property

“I want to thank Syvan Developments Limited for being excellent Landlords. Without your attention to our needs and making sure that our facility was always functioning properly, we would not have been able to achieve our success.”

K.A., Oshawa property

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff I want to extend our sincere appreciation for your support of (our organization). Your consideration and flexibility is greatly appreciated as expanding in our current location is the ideal outcome. We have been very pleased with the space and the excellent service we always receive from Syvan Developments staff.”

B.G., Oshawa property

“Edmond and Theresa have shown us such kindness and support through this process (moving and renovating) and for that we are so very thankful and grateful.”

J.F., Oshawa property

“..cannot possibly convey the thanks we owe you for the last ten years of support, encouragement and patience.”

A.H., Clarington property

“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Syvan Developments Limited during the nineteen-year lease period and we wish to thank you.”

J.B. Clarington property

“I appreciate the assistance you have given and would like, at this time, to commend you on your amazing staff. It has been truly a pleasure dealing with you and your staff whom I have found to be always cordial, helpful, efficient and businesslike.”

L.C., Clarington property